Environnent design

This fall I took another CGMA Class. I liked so much the previous 
classes I took with Steven MacLeod (Storyboarding for Animation) 
and Ryan Lang/Mingjue Helen Chen (The Art of Color and Light) 
that I decided to take one more.

This time I took the EnvironmentSketching for Production with 
Armand Serrano. Like all the previous teachers I had at CGMA, 
Serrano is one of the most talented artists inspiring me right now. 
The class was an absolute challenge and I enjoyed every week’s 
assignment. I am posting here a few artworks I created during this 

And guys: Armand is taking some time off teaching his class and 
he is currently replaced by another super great artist that I love and 
admire so much, John Nevarez. Don’t miss this opportunity! :)


Schoolism Live Montreal

Dice, Robert and Nathan

Back in 2012, I traveled to Toronto to attend Alex Woo and Louis Gonzales 
Schoolism Live workshop. I remember being so inspired by the event that 
I wrote a review about it here on my blog and made a wish they would 
bring Schoolism Live to Montreal. Well, last weekend that wish was fulfilled 
and in more ways that I expected.

Bobby Chiu's Schoolism was in Montreal for a live event with a lineup 
of teachers that I consider my heroes:) DiceTsutsumi and Robert Kondo 
are artists I've been looking up to for a while and I really appreciate 
their work. I was sold already for the workshop! Plus, I really enjoyed 
discovering Nathan Fowkes, an amazing and funny artist. Needless 
to say that this event was very inspiring!

I am taking this opportunity to thank Bobby for doing such great 
events. It has been a great success here in Montreal. If a Schoolism 
Live Workshop happens in a city near you, take my advice: do 
what you can to attend! Schoolism Live is definitely an event 
worth traveling for :D


Defi Brise-Glace

On sunday I went to a local Surfski race event. I felt 
the water was way too cold for me to join them. 



Here's what I've been up to lately. I took Ryan Lang's color class 
at CGMA with Helen Chen! This class was super fun!
Here are the paintings I did:D


A Pumpkin Patch Story...

Autumn is my favorite season and picking our pumpkin at the patch 
is something we never miss...

A Pumpkin Patch story!

Few weeks ago we went to the pumpkin patch...

MAC: " Dad, I found a pumpkin!"

"Great, but let's not settle for the first one we find. Let's
see if we can find one that big!!!"

"Mac! This is a big one don't you think?"

"I think it could make a nice jack o lantern."

MAC: "Wow! Let's see if there's one bigger!!"

MAC: "OH I found one!!

"Awesome! Let's go get it!!!"

MARY: "You guys don't need a big pumpkin! Ben.. you know
he's gonna be happy with a small one!!"

"Bah! Never mind we already found a giant one!!"


MAC: "DAD!!"

MAC: "Is the pumpkin smashed, dad?"

MAC: " MOM!!! Dad smashed our pumpkin!!! 

MAC: "Now we'll never find a bigger one!!!"

MAC: "He did this on purpose!!!

MARY: "Don't say that! Your dad was way too excited, that's
all! But while you guys were running around the patch..."

MARY: "I picked a pumpkin for you! "

MAC: "Oh I Looooove it!!!"

" Sorry Mac! Wanna go see if we can find another awesome 

MAC: "NO!! LOOK! Mom found one already!"

MAC: "Mom? Do you think dad likes my cute little pumpkin too?

MARY: "Oh I am sure he'll like the decorations I bought 
to go with it... trust me!


Playdate at the zoo

These are drawings from my Moleskine. We 
brought my son and his friend to the zoo today 
and I quickly sketched them here and there:D